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I've been what you might call a compulsive doodler since I was a kid. All through school and then later in business meetings, I would find myself doodling in my notebooks. While I'm a graduate of the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art (Pictorial Illustration curriculum), I ended up in the computer aided design (CAD) business.

I never stopped drawing though. Here you will find sketches and doodles spanning over 30 years. Most are done in pen & ink (Bic fine ball points in the early days, later rapidigraphs and felt tip pens).

I never draw directly from life, but rather observe things and internalize them, then draw them from how I remember them being. I also draw lots of things that never existed in the first place.

My work is displayed here in the following categories:


Doodle Montage



Marginal work



Design Sketches

Other Vehicles

Questions or comments, contact me at: rfkaplan@verizon.net.

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